10 Step Study Success Formula For Your Child

This article is shared by Adam Khoo and Gary Lee a powerful 10-step study formula that ALL TOP STUDENTS USE TO SCORE EXCELLENT RESULTS

Adam-khoo.pngOver the last 24 years, Adam Khoo and Gary Lee found that by teaching any student this study success formula, they too can achieve ‘A’s in school. All successful students follow these ‘Ten Steps’ towards academic success : 

Step 1 : Positive Beliefs

The first thing that all successful students share is a very positive belief system. They believe that they CAN and DESERVE to achieve top grades. It is this positive belief that drives them to aim high. When they do make mistakes or fail to achieve what they want,they don’t give up. Instead they will learn from their mistakes until they succeed. 

Step 2 : Set Goals

The second factor that sets top students apart is that they are highly goals orientated and they know what they want to achieve in life. Their future goals gives them the self-motivation to study hard when others get distracted. They set specific targets like scoring 9As for their exams and do their very best to achieve it. They see good grades as a means to help them achieve what they want in life. 

On the other hand, average students get easily distracted and lack motivation simply because they have no clear direction in life. They have no idea what they are studying for. Most of them study because their parents or their teachers force them to. 

Step 3 : Time Management

The next essential step is that ‘A’ students know how to prioritize and manage their time to get things done! When our children don’t learn the skills of how to manage their time, they will not know how to prioritize multiple demands from schoolwork, extra curricular activities, family time and recreation. They will usually end up procrastinating and leaving things to do last minute. Their usual motto would be ‘I will do it when I have the time’ or ‘I will do it tomorrow’.

Step 4 : Speed Reading

The first thing that students need to plan to do is to read their textbooks and other additional notes. 

While an average person reads at about 150-240 words per minute (WPM) and comprehends under 50%, students who are well trained and able to read fast will be able to read  between 850-1500 per minute. That’s more than six times faster, at a comprehends level of 80-100%!.

Step 5 : Gathering Information 

As they read their textbooks, students must learn the vital skill of identifying and gathering the important key words in the passage. 

Poor students try to learn and memorize everything they read. Top students know that in a textbook, only 20% of the keywords contain the information they need to score an ‘A’. They know how to gather and extract the 20% of the keywords, thereby reducing their revision time. 

Step 6 : Whole Brain Note Making

The next thing that all successful students do is that they organize the key words and information into whole brain notes for quick revision and recall. By using whole brain notes (Eg. Mind Mapping, Flow Charts, etc…) they will able to save time during revision nd remember the facts much better.


In fact, the quality of a student’s results depends very much on the quality of the notes that he/she makes. 

Step 7 : Memory Techniques

The biggest excuse and complaint that kids give for not being able to do well in their exams is a poor memory. Super students know that there is no such thing as a good or bad memory, only a trained or untrained one. 

Step 8 : Application Strategies 

After committing all the facts and information to memory, students must then move onto learn how to apply what they have learned to the different types of questions that may be posed in the exam. 

Top students know that for every chapter that is studied, there are always a fixed number of question types that can be set. They will familiarize themselves with all the possible questions (from past year exam papers)  and learn the steps to get the best possible answers.

Step 9 : Revision

Research has shown that the human brain tends to forget 80% of what it has learned within 24 hours. Top students know how to keep their memory fresh and their mind sharp by consistenly revising from their whole brain notes. The secret is to always revise what has been learned within the first 24 hours. 

Step 10 : Exam Skills

The final step is to learn and apply effective exam skills on the day of the examination. Effective students know how to relax their mind, write straight to the point and manage their time well in order to perform at their peak on this important day


So, there you have it! The secret that all TOP STUDENTS use to score exceptional results. As you can see, effective students is not as simple as picking up the textbook and reading it over and over again. It is a ten-step process that must be learnt and applied consistently.

Sources : Nurturing the Winner & Genius in Your Child, Adam Khoo and Gary Lee (2008)


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