Thank you for your interested to enroll your child here, please read the TERMS AND CONDITION below before fill up the students registration form. This registration form are only for tuition class and private class only. 


  1. Students should follow to our own rules and personality as set out in Pusat Tuisyen Akademi Super’s student rules (Click Here to download student rules)
  2. For the safety of students, only parents or otherwise mentioned will take the child after class finish. Other than that, please inform the Pusat Tuisyen Akademi Super and we will no responsibility if anything happens to the student if not informed
  3. We will no responsibility if any happen to your child outside class time schedule
  4. After class finish, student’s under 12 years old are encourage to wait in the premises until parents arrive
  5. Any class that falls on a public holiday is closed and will be replaced on the day to be notified
  6. PAYMENT OF FEES MUST BE PAID BEFORE 5TH OF EVERY MONTH (Click here to know how to pay the fees)

The students registration form below is for a NEW STUDENTS only. For students who have enrolled in the previous year with us, please register by CLICK HERE

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